03/14/2016 North Korea claims it could 'burn down' Manhattan with a hydrogen bomb
Another day, another veiled threat from North Korea. Unlike most, this one was very specific.

State-run television in the People’s Republic reported on Sunday that Pyongyang’s arsenal of deadly weapons now includes a hydrogen bomb that could wipe out New York City and kill everybody who lives there.

“Our hydrogen bomb is much bigger than the one developed by the Soviet Union,” DPRK Today reported, citing nuclear scientist Cho Hyong Il.

03/09/2016 Iran reportedly test-fires 2 long-range missiles while Biden visits Israel
Iran reportedly test-fired two ballistic missiles Wednesday with the phrase "Israel must be wiped out" written in Hebrew on them, but authorities said that the tests do not violate the nuclear deal reached in January.

The tests came as Vice President Joe Biden visited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was strongly opposed to the nuke deal.

03/07/2016 North Korea again threatens to strike US, South Korea with nukes
 North Korea on Monday issued its latest belligerent threat, warning of an indiscriminate "pre-emptive nuclear strike of justice" on Washington and Seoul, this time in reaction to the start of huge U.S.-South Korean military drills.

03/04/2016 ISIS makes millions playing foreign markets with stolen cash, analysts say
The Islamic State terror group is raking in up to $20 million a month by playing foreign currency markets under the noses of unsuspecting officials – all with cash that was looted from banks, financial analysts told British lawmakers Wednesday.

02/29/2016 ISIS double bombing of Baghdad market kills at least 73
BAGHDAD – In Iraq, the death toll from devastating back-to-back market bombings carried out by ISIS the previous day in eastern Baghdad climbed to 73 on Monday, officials said.

02/25/2016 ISIS reportedly threatens Facebook, Twitter founders in video
ISIS has issued a threat to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey over the companies’ effort to take down terror-affiliated accounts, according to a published report.

02/17/2016 Missing radioactive material in Iraq prompts nationwide search, ISIS fears
A desperate hunt for “highly dangerous” radioactive material is on in Iraq, where officials fear it could have fallen into the hands of ISIS, according to a government official in Baghdad.

Workers clear out of inter-Korean factory park after North orders military takeover 02/11/2016 Workers clear out of inter-Korean factory park after North orders military takeover
 North Korea on Thursday ordered a military takeover of a factory park that had been the last major symbol of cooperation with South Korea, calling Seoul's earlier suspension of operations at the jointly run facility as punishment for the North's recent rocket launch a "dangerous declaration of war."


02/03/2016 Passenger sucked out of cabin after explosion on Somali plane, officials say
An explosion and fire blew a gaping hole in a commercial airliner over Somalia late Tuesday, forcing it to make an emergency landing after a passenger apparently was sucked out of the cabin, officials and witnesses said.

02/01/2016 At least 86 killed in Boko Haram attack, including children burned alive
 A survivor hidden in a tree says he watched Boko Haram extremists firebomb huts and heard the screams of children burning to death, among 86 people officials say died in the latest attack by Nigeria's homegrown Islamic extremists.

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