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ndpci_logo_white.gifThe National Domestic Preparedness Coalition is a grassroots membership organization consisting of emergency responders who are responsible for the mission of Homeland Security. The National Domestic Preparedness Coalition Membership was created and is directed by emergency responders for emergency responders. The NDPCI membership strives to enhance communication and teamwork between all emergency responders and provides a voice for members to articulate their perspectives toward securing our nation.

The National Domestic Preparedness Coalition's Membership is comprised of Emergency Responders who share the responsibility of securing the United States, Canada, and other countries from all hazards, including terrorism and natural disaster and are responsible for prevention, preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery from all hazards.

The following benefits are available to members:

  • Secure Access Member Only Web-site
  • Member Only Resource Pages
  • Member Document Repository
  • Member Only Job Opportunities and Resources
  • Unprecedented Networking Capabilities with Emergency Responders from Multiple Disciplines
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Member only emails with updates and responder resources
  • Congressional Monitoring and Updates
  • Advocacy Regarding Emergency Responder Related Homeland Security Issues
  • Member Only Discounted Rates on Professional Development
  • Technical Assistance -- Resource and Program Implementation and Tools for Many Emergency Response Programs
  • Columbia Southern University and Waldorf Degree Discounts
  • Notifications Regarding NO COST Training Opportunities

Additional Membership Categories (click on a membership for additional information)

  • Supporting Membership
  • Corporate Sponsorship

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