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Working with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of Grants and Training

In 2010, the Coalition was contracted, in partnership with George Mason University, by DHS, Office of Science and Technology, to lead the Operational Assessment of Multi-band Radios (MBR). The MBR is a new and emerging technology that enables responders to talk on different frequency bands including UHF, VHF, 700, 800 and P-25. The Coalition assessed the MBR in several pilot locations. The Coalition completed the MBR pilot on-site at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

In 2009, the NDPCI completed 3 pilot courses of the “Operational Value of Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment”  training. The course was developed by the NDPCI for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of Grants and Training through the Competitive Training Grant Program.

In 2008, the NDPCI provided HLS-CAM™ training to109 jurisdictions in 40 States, through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program (CEDAP). Representatives of over 526 communities were trained in the methodology, within an 8-month period, ahead of time, and within budget.

In October of 2007, NDPCI was awarded a Competitive Training Grant from the U.S Department of Homeland Security, Office of Grants and Training to develop and deliver nationally, a unique three-day training course titled: “Operational Value of Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment” (OpValTRVA). The training assists all emergency response disciplines and private sector homeland security professionals to understand and operationally use information gathered in various assessment methodologies. The training enhances the jurisdiction’s capability to manage homeland security risks, incorporating the national preparedness “all hazards” goal, by applying information from assessments, to its daily operations of prevention, protection, response and recovery.

In April 2007, NDPCI’s HLS-CAM™ training was offered by DHS, Office of Grants and Training, in its Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program (CEDAP) catalog. The NDPCI was awarded a contract to provide the three-day training course to 109 host jurisdictions in 40 States, during a one-year period. In March of 2006, the NDPCI was contracted by the Office of Grants and Training, through the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), to teach, certify and facilitate representatives of George Mason University. The assessment of the George Mason University campus using HLS-CAM™ methodology helped the representatives select technology to be tested through the DHS Operational Validation Program.

In July of 2006, the NDPCI was contracted by the DHS, Office of Grants and Training, through SPAWAR, to teach, certify and facilitate representatives from Jackson County, MS. In the assessment of Jackson County, representatives selected equipment for testing in the Operational Validation Program using the HLS-CAM™ methodology.

In October of 2006, the NDPCI was contracted by the DHS, Office of Grants and Training, through SPAWAR, to teach, certify and facilitate representatives from Pittsburg, NH in the assessment of the Great North Woods using the HLS-CAM™. Additionally, NDPCI was contracted by DHS through SPAWAR to lead the Operational Validation Program, to test responder equipment, including portable video surveillance equipment, night, vision and thermal imagers in Laconia, NH, Londonderry, NH and Pittsburgh, NH.

In November of 2005, the NDPCI received a second grant from the Office of Grants and Training to demonstrate the HLS-CAM™ for a Small to Medium size jurisdiction application in Laconia, NH.

In June of 2004, the NDPCI was awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the former Office for Domestic Preparedness (Grants & Training), to demonstrate the HLS-CAM™ methodology for both Urban and Rural Application in Pinellas County, FL and Kemper County, MS.

Training and Certification

Representatives of over 375 companies have received Coalition training including:


  • ADP
  • Aerojet General
  • American Public University
  • American Airlines
  • American Red Cross 
  • A-Secure America
  • Bell South
  • Capital One 
  • Cedar Medical Center
  • Critical Incident Solutions
  • CSX Railroad
  • Delta Airlines
  • Discover Financial 
  • Dow Chemical
  • DuPont
  • Ecology & Environment, Inc
  • EG&G
  • EMC2
  • Executive Interface
  • Flagler Hospital
  • Florida Telecommunications
  • Gaylord Palms Hotel
  • General Physics Corporation
  • Georgia Power
  • Halifax Medical Center
  • HBMG Inc.
  • International Union of Operating Engineers
  • L-3 Communications
  • Lee County, FL Port Authority
  • Loews Properties
  • Mandarin Oriental Hotel
  • Marriott Corporation
  • Martin Marietta
  • Memorial Health, Miami
  • NASCAR, Daytona International Speedway
  • Nassau Terminals

  • Nationwide
  • Northrop Grumman
  • National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) / BOMA
  • National Sheriff’s Association
  • Orange County Convention Center
  • Olympia Entertainment
  • Patriot Security
  • PBS&J Corporation
  • Peabody Hotel
  • Rosen Resorts and Properties
  • Radisson Hotels
  • SAIC 
  • Sea World Orlando
  • Secret Service
  • Securitas
  • SecuraComm
  • Simens Industry
  • Shands Hospital, Jacksonville, FL
  • Tactical Security Network, Inc.
  • Twin Cities Hospital, FL
  • Universal Studios
  • URS Corporation
  • US Air Force
  • US Army
  • US Army Corp of Engineers
  • US Attorneys Office
  • US Coast Guard
  • US Marshal Service
  • UNISYS Corp
  • United Airlines
  • Ventura County, CA Fire
  • Wal-Mart Stores Inc 
  • Wachovia Bank
  • Wackenhut
  • Water management, FL, WV, GA, NH
  • Wells Fargo
  • Verizon 

Representatives of the following Colleges and Universities have received Training:

  • George Mason University
  • University of Miami Medical School
  • University of Central Florida
  • Binghamton University
  • University of Northern Colorado 
  • University of North Florida
  • University of Colorado at Boulder
  • College of William and Mary
  • University of Virginia
  • Georgia Tech
  • Southwestern Michigan College
  • University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Sacred Heart University
  • University of California at Davis
  • University of California at San Francisco 
  • University of California at Merced
  • Middle Tennessee State University
  • Tennessee State University
  • University of West Florida
  • Colorado State University
  • William Paterson University
  • Ramapo College
  • College of Charleston 
  • Ohio State University at Wooster
  • Ohio State University
  • Coppin State University
  • Morgan State University
  • University of Southern Maine
  • New Mexico State University
  • University of Texas at Tyler
  • University of Rhode Island
  • Stonybrook University
  • Bowdoin College
  • University of Michigan
  • Eastern New Mexico University
  • Roger Williams University

The National Domestic Preparedness Coalition is proud to announce our partnership with George Mason University!

gmu_logo.gifWith three locations in the Washington D.C. area, Mason has emerged in the last decade as a major, nationally recognized university. Their innovative programs and visionary outlook have attracted a faculty of renowned scholars and teachers.

George Mason University responds to the call for excellence in interdisciplinary research and teaching, not simply by adding programs, but by rethinking the traditional structure of the academy.

The university offers more than 100 degree programs, including many innovative interdisciplinary programs that allow students to design personalized courses of study with faculty guidance.

Please visit George Mason University @

The National Domestic Preparedness Coalition is proud to work with the National Sheriffs' Association's WMD First Responder Program!


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