Board of Directors

Board of Directors

ken_glantz.jpg Kenneth M. Glantz, President
 Captain Orange County Sheriff’s Office Ret.


BOLLE.jpgJohn D. Bolle, Vice President / Treasurer
Captain Pinellas County Sheriff’s Dept. Ret.

Mcdonald.jpgSteven G. MacDonald, Secretary
Sergeant, Barrington Police Dept. Ret.

Board of Advisors

Turner.jpgC. Allan Turner, DPA, Senior Fellow NDPCI  
Professor Emeritus 
Criminology, Law and Society, George Mason University 


Roland.jpgRoland Cloutier, Chief Security Officer
Global Security, ADP

Cheston.jpgMike Cheston, Senior Associate
Principal, Seraph, Inc. Group

Collis.jpgDan Collis, Corporate Crisis Response Program Manager
Global Security Organization, EMC

Wood.jpgLouis Ray Wood, Regional Security Director
Marriott Hotels

Williams.jpgDave Williams, FBI, Supervisory Special Agent Retired

Loeb.jpgDonald Loeb, President
Alliance Search

Dorn.jpgRanger Dorn, Battalion Chief
Ventura County Fire Department

Leon Laylagian.jpgLaylagian, Executive Vice President
Passenger-Cargo Security Group

A Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to the National Domestic Preparedness Coalition's official Website. When our Coalition was founded our goal was to develop and provide homeland security solutions that would be conceived, developed and used by those on the front lines, emergency responders, who know best how to address their homeland security needs.

Our first mission was the development of the Homeland Security Comprehensive Assessment Model (HLS-CAM), a true grass roots bottom up effort. Developed by Emergency Responders for Emergency Responders, the HLS-CAM is now an accepted assessment methodology that is used by emergency responders, quite extensively throughout the country.

Our experience with the HLS-CAM proved that emergency responders working together can provide creative, effective and efficient solutions to the homeland security issues that are unique to our respective communities. Our goal is to enhance communication and teamwork between all emergency responders and provide a voice for members to articulate their perspectives toward securing our nation.

If you are not yet a member, I urge you to join!

Members and visitors are welcome to explore the resource links provided in the open resource area on our homepage and corresponding information pages. Members are encouraged to visit the Member's only section which provides a full range of services and information exclusively for our members.

Stay Safe,

Kenneth M. Glantz
Executive Director, National Domestic Preparedness Coalition